Sunday, September 21, 2008

Manchester United !

Okay for the first time in my life, I am supporting Red Devils in their match with The Blues at Stamford Bridge. Why you might ask ? If Chelsea wins, their point will be the same as Liverpool ! Haha and the jersey that I wear actually belongs to my big brother. I am still a fan of Liverpool ;-)

Fletcher almost made the first goal, but he missed it. Urgh, so close ! I think that The Red Devils took quite a while to attack. Rooney also missed a goal. My brother is frustrated that Ferguson did not let Ronaldo plays. At minute 18.00, Park scores ! Making The Red Devils ahead. And my eyes are locked at Hargreaves' hair. Orgasmic ! Haha

Van Der Sar is substituted, Tomasz Kuszczak is in. And Ferdinand was pissed off at Van Der Sar because he still wants to play even though he's in pain. Haha and my big brother explained that usually, the goalkeeper gets angry at the defender but now it's the way around !

Minute 37.24. still no sight of Ronaldo and the score is still the same. Kuszczak saves a goal from The Blues. Half time, with an extra 3 minutes. At minute 54.27 Ronaldo finally joins in to play. To be honest, I secretly likes his buff body. It makes me drool (!) Okay enough enough. After the first half, The Red Devils finally shows a great effort to attack The Blues' defense.

Fletcher gets a free kick but is saved. And Ronaldo started his acting again when he falls while Lampard tries to steal the ball but no contact was made so Lampard is save, for now. And Ferguson actually looks good in Manchester United's training t-shirt.

At minute 80.00 something, Carlo scores. Making it a tie and it's official that Chelsea's point is the same as Liverpool, come on Manchester United ! Don't let them score anymore ! Extra time and now I'm wishing that Chelsea wouldn't have a chance to score a goal.

The game ended with a tie, an injured Deco didn't have a chance to play and a frustrated Ferdinand at the end. I think that Manchester United's performance at Premier League is quite bad. They lose a game to Liverpool and end up with a lot of tie while playing with the other clubs. I actually thought that Manchester United could win this game but too bad. At least they didn't lose.

I think it's because Ronaldo came out late and Kuszczak should improve his skills more. Despite all that, Ferguson looks extremely cute today ! Haha what a sight.

Don't forget to watch Liverpool's match with Crewe Alexandra, Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 20:00 pm. Go Liverpool ! :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gather around, people.

Me and my friends went to 'berbuka' at Mcd9 together and it's the highlight of the week. We had so much fun together but too bad Awaina and Wawa couldn't join us. So, pictures !

Us, I'm at the back ! :-)

Anis and Arep

Banyaknya you makan, Iley !

Actually we BOTH eat a lot ! Haha

Didi, Awateef, Iley, Diyana

Makan je -.-'

M'mm Awateef's not feeling it, Diyana !


Their I/C picture. Hahahaha !

Drink, you dumbass !

Konon nak shopping ;-)

Haha Boxers, anyone ?

Big Boxers

I'm On Top Of The Beauty Pyramid

Macam Monyet lah you haha

Wohoo High High !

The After-Party ;-)

Good times !

Have a nice day,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go on,

Treat me like crap, you thought I would care ?

Have a nice day,

Friday, August 15, 2008


am I doing this ? I'm not a paranoid, I sure wish I wasn't. Oh crap, he must think I am. My perfect Friday is ruined ! By a simple message that was send to the wrong person. Repeat after me;


Okay done. Let's hope that he'll think I'm just joking.

Monday, August 11, 2008

4,3,2,1 LETS GO !

Okay here goes, two main plan for school's holiday : (1) Clean this upside-down room, might add something new here and there. (2) Go to Bangsar with Anna and talk with her like there's no tomorrow ! A drama is soon to be published this Friday, thank god I'm not one of the actor/actress. Why you might ask ? Because Idayu's the director ! Her dialog's horrible, no offense but it's the truth. I should be studying for tomorrow's exam. No, slash that. I HAVE to. But naaahhh I don't really care about exams. Haha.

Ah seeing this makes me smile, but he's actually sick in this picture. Now he's so fat but I still love him (: Dyana gave us a card just now, one for each. And she also made this origami paper folding, that's so sweet of her. She wrote something like our friendship will never ends. Haha so I'm going to write about my friends who are always there for me.

Dyana :
Okay let's see, I've known her since i'm in form 2, we sits next to each other. What i like about her is that I can make jokes that only she gets it. We would laugh our ass off while other people don't get it. You could say that we think alike, and I love her for that. She is one of the most stylish people I have ever seen ! I love you Dyana (:

Awateef :
I spend most of my time with her, making craps out of ourself ! She likes to sing, mostly old, raya or rempit songs that makes it stuck in our head until Awaina dreams of going to Iklim's concert. Hahaha ! :D I like eating nasi lemak with her at school. I think that I told almost all my problems at her. Why ? Because i trust her (:

Awaina :
My dear neighbour, I met her in form 1. She's the one who you could lean onto. She can really brighten your day with her smile (and also her shining braces. haha :D) And guess what ? She has this nerdy picture of me in form 1 ! She could have blackmail-ed me with those picture, but she didn't. So i love her for that. Haha.

Iley :
I can tell her anything that I want because she's a very good listener ! She'll always be there for me through thick or thin. She can bake very well and she's a bit childish that makes her look cute. But when she's mad, don't ever cross the line. Getar weehhh -_- And she's also the smartest between me and my friends. I love you mok !

Wawa :
She's the fairest one and I love her hair ! I can get really high with her, haha. What i love most about her is she's independent and her strong guts. To me she's not afraid to do anything, you go girl ! :D And like Iley, if Wawa is in a bad mood, don't ever ever try to pissed her off. It's like you're digging your own grave, haha. Muahxxx (hahahaha RC 4EVA !)

Nik Anis :
Our baby ! She's so petite okay, like the size of a form 1. Haha she's very very very nice and to me she has the most sporting family ever. She looks great in anything that she wears, even in a simple t-shirt (: I really like having her as a friend, because she takes care of me and I love her hair ! It's so soft and silky, gah jealous. I feel like cutting it ;) I love you nik baby ! :D

And last but not least,
Anisa :

I miss her so much because we're not in the same class anymore. She always, I repeat, always makes me laugh. I always tell her anything that's bothering me and I miss the moment where she'll hug me when I cry. Anisa, RINDUUUUUUUU ! :(

I couldn't live without them, they are the reason why I smile every time i came to school. I love you guys so much.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


gahh Forever 21, here i come ! Note to self, cut down useless spendings !


Friday, August 8, 2008

why so serious ?

"Me And You, Setting In a Honeymoon,"

Just got back from seeing Arief, Ijen and Ariff. Arief said to wait for him at Starbucks section9. After half an hour later, he arrived. We talked and talked and something embarrassing happens, that includes my Frapucino Green Tea. Hahaha then Ariff and Ijen arrived. Ariff get's cold because he's wearing shorts and it's like freezing in there ! Oh kesian ;-) Then we decided to hang out somewhere else, saw Azam and ask him to give us a ride on his black, sleek BMW. Arief and Ariff (haha it' weird writing that) gives me a new name, Fatimah / Umaira. I was like wtf ? hahahah :-) I wanna meet Syib but he haves tuition class. Bummer -_- But heck it was fun ! And they makes me laugh all the time. So yeah i feel good now. And and my kitten is healthy now ! Alhamdulillah. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Bye !


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodnight, Sayang.

"If i had one wish,"

I don't have luck with cats. Most of 'em dies as i grow up. As a child, I don't care about death. All i want to do is live good and don't fucking care about anyone else. But now I know what it feels when losing something important to you. You'll miss them because you won't see them anymore. Then you'll start feeling lonely. My kitten is sick and the doctor says we'll see if he heals tomorrow. I have lose 2 kittens this few weeks. God, please don't let me lose one more. I don't want to say goodnight again.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

"heartbroken, you know the drill."

I wish Fareq is here with me, so he can says 'chill out lah, this is nothing yet compared to what i have been through'. My throat becomes dry after knowing all those things, my finger feels numb and most of all, i feel so ...... pathetic. M'mm i've said it. The phone rings, i closed my eyes. Again, i look at the screen. It's 'that' guy. I set the phone to silent mode. And finally started to feel calm again. But deep down inside, everything's still not right.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Blues, The Crowd, The Cheer

i look like c-r-a-p.

I almost lose my voice after screaming like mad yesterday. Went to see The Blues with Myra, Arief, Xhaff, Khalis, Ariff, Uzair and this one guy (idk his name). The crowd's amazing ! i arrived at 7.45pm and went straight looking for myra. And then i saw her hanging by the fence (haha !) with Ariff. Haha and Myra's fallen head over heels for Di Santo. She's cheering for him the whole time. And i have to admit that he's drop dead gorgeous. But he belongs to Myra ;)

After a while, Myra ask me to join her to climb the fence to get a good look at the footballers. Myra's screaming this one player's name and i followed her even though i didn't know who it was. And guess what, he look at us and waved ! :D If you want to know who played a hell of a game, ask Myra. She's like the Chelsea's manager, with her blazer and she like knows every player's name. Haha ! And her friend's nice and funny. I was laughing like the whole time !

I can't remember when, but our line decided to do 'The Wave' thingy thingy. And everyone followed. It went for like 3 laps until i'm tired to do so. Haha and i'm lucky that i'm surrounded by funny and havoc people. Like this 4 people in front me. They support Malaysia and they're making a alot of jokes that cracks me up ! :D The game ends at 10.45pm with the score 2-0, Chelsea wins. Say my goodbye to Xhaff and Arief but at first Arief didn't want to leave me alone roaming around the stadium area but i told him that it's okay. Then my neighbour told me to wait at the car so i have to walk alone.

Then there's this one guy, suddenly walk next to me and started whispering like 'hi, sorang je?' So i walk to my right hoping that he'll walk away but he followed me ! Then i stopped so i let him walk first. I waited until he's like quite far from me then i continue walking. He looked at me with an evil grinning face. It's creeping me out ! And thank god that Natt called me at that time. She wanted to know how the game goes. After about 5 minutes, that creepy guy left. Thank god.

I got home at 12.15, and then reply some comments. But at 2am, I CANNOT SLEEP ! I'm still having that adrenaline rushing in my blood and i end up sleeping at 4am. I woke up looking like crap and i make a goofy smile in front of the mirror. Last night was The Bomb !


p/s: no pictures, i did bring my camera but i forgot to bring the memory card. I took above's picture from Arief's flickr.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

eye bags

i can't sleep, again. i'm at the state of willing to do anything just to get a good night sleep. have to face datin tomorrow at 12.30pm. yeah, a date, every f***king (mind your language, kids) monday. i don't have any idea on what to wear to watch 'the blues' with myra. ah i should be taking back my gladiator from awateef. i'll most probably sleep at school tomorrow which is a complete hell. no pillow, just your school bag which you try your best to make it comfy and after you wake, you can feel your back hurts like hell.

i'm having a headache. deleting myspace is currently on my 'might consider' list. i'm not in the mood to reply those comments, as for approving friend requests. i will try to do so and we'll see if i can keep it up.



after a sleepless night, i finally got my chelsea asia tour ticket. gah the minute i hold the ticket, i feel so blessed. thank god.


Friday, July 25, 2008


"guilty feets has got no rythms"

okay so last wednesday we plan on making a surprise party for our beloved nik anis. so we came to her house and sing a birthday song. she cried a bit. haha :D after hugs and kisses and eating and drinking and laughing like mad, we (me, awateef, dyana, wawa, iley, anis, awaina, aidil, faris, faza, arif, bob, fada, anep and sira) all go to the park to hang a bit and a little game of flour-and-egg throwing game. at first i didn't want to be a part of it but when awaina (i think) throw a flour at me, i know it's game time (-;

arif and faris is aiming sira but he's freaking good at running and stuffs. we all waited for sira to come back and he did, with 3 eggs on his hand. faris got the first throw. followed by arif. they're freaking pissed because sira's the only one who is clean, without any bits of flour. i gets thirsty so i asked faza to accompany me to some shops nearby. arif wanted to come along because he wanted to wash his hair for a while. and he asks me to buy some egg.

after we get back, arif took 2 of the eggs and i take one. just in case if anything happens lah kan (-; then i dared faris to throw an egg at me. but guess who did ? bob. faris wanted to throw it at me but i quickly tilt my head but then phammmmm ! the next thing i know, i see bob's grinning face with a broken egg in his hand. haha my hair smells horrible !

so what's the result of a mind-blowing game of eggs and flours ? :

1. a smelly hair that is starting to form a shell on my head
2. a tired tired body to work with
3. more dirty clothes to wash
4. a great memory that will last forever (-:

okay 4 more days until chelsea's game. i can't wait !


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

soothing lullabies

"and i say hey, what's going on ?"

i am sick, my throat hurts like hell and my head fells so heavy. i've sleep the whole day yesterday and i woke up feeling down. some thoughts occur in my mind, 'what if i died ?' 'who would cry for me?' okay, stop. i've screwed my life these few months, involving tears and heartbreaks. i don't know who i could talk to. i didn't go to school for two days and if i'm not feeling well again tomorrow, i'll not show up at school. this has been a very very bad week. but then natt called me. she ask what's up and i told her everything. 30 minutes after that, she said that she's in front of my house. so opened the door and i saw fafa with her. they quickly hug me.

we talk and suddenly we started talking about how we grow up so quickly. then natt says if she's old, she wanted to be a hip grandmother. who wears thongs and all. i laugh so hard that my throat started to hurt again. haha and fafa said that my voice is sexy hahahaha :D so yeah they brightens my day but too bad they had to leave, because fafa's dad ask them to come home.

i have to go, mama told me to eat my medicine. bye bye.
p/s : who's going to that Chelsea vs Malaysia match ? do tell me because i am ! :D


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

monday's doomsday

i'm at the cyber cafe with awateef today so i'll not upload any pictures.

i skipped school, AGAIN because it was raining heavily this morning and ma is too lazy to send me to school. so me, ma and my sister went to jj bukit raja just now because ma wanted to buy some new watches. i finally bought that guess wallet that i've been wanting so much.

i can't wait for independent soiree this saturday. i'll be hanging out with dee the whole day. i miss herrrrrrrrrr ! :D awateef is trying to get me to come to cheer. but i'm soooo lazy to go. okay i'm out of idea on what to write. so i'll write again later. toodles (:

Sunday, June 29, 2008


"boy you amaze me."

i am thrilled after seeing torres scored a goal for spain. thus making spain the winner of euro 2008 and my heart screams in joy. take that, germany! dunkin donut's green tea blended is currently on my mind. i think it's better than starbucks' frappucino green tea plus it's cheaper (-: oh wow july is approaching and i've been thinking of what i have achieved for these few months. what do you know, soon it'll be a new year.

independent soiree will be held at dewan guthrie by 12th july. i'll most probably go there to see my old friends. i used to be a shisha-addict but i stopped because of the side effects. the other day my friend ask me to go shisha with her and i said that i'll just hang around. she tried to convince me to shisha-ing with her and i told her all the bad thing about shisha and she's shocked because she never knew.

i laugh and said 'everyone tau kot?' so like yeah i used to be a rebel but i decided to change lah. a friend told me that it'll hurt seeing your daughter/son turns into someone that you didn't expect. and then i decided to change, into someone who listens to what my parent said. i know that it's for my own good.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

hello hello , goodbye

she's beautiful ain't it? okay let's see, last night i went to acoustic night with none other, mush. well at first i wasn't supposed to go with him but when i saw him after tuition class, i ask him to go with me since i'm afraid of taking the cab alone at night. so he said yeah even tho' he doesn't want to go. since he's wearing his 'jambu' bag and stuffs.

i met dee (my dear twinnie) and a few friends like lola. i leave at about 11.15 with mush, jaza and amirul. went through some road blocks and he send me to sec11's de. i wait for my brother to pick me up and mush still wanted to keep me accompany so we drink our iced milo.

i ordered iced milo with 'milo tabur'. haha mush was like 'apa you minum tu ?' haha acoustic night was fun, i went stargazing with mush and we talk about whatever that's on our mind. sadly i didn't bring my camera but dee did take my picture. ah i miss her already.

just got back from ou to shopping. i bought a necklace, a bag and alas-another gladiator sandals, in red this time. had lunch at carl's junior which costs me rm91.50 for 3 sets of the biggest burger i have ever seen. haha i think i won't be having dinner tonight since i'm sooooo full.

yesterday adri asks for a break-up. he said that he wanted to stop lying to me. i couldn't say anything but the thought of him giving me lies makes me feel angry. and that was yesterday, today i feel numb. righteous.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i am bored and am accompanied by this weird smell of body shop's hair mask. i've just discovered that my brother is actually reading my blog. well it's a good thing that i didn't talk about his flaws here no ? might be going to sunway / ou / midvalley this saturday. with who ? uhh i don't even know. let's hope that i'll bump into some cute guys. ahaha wait until adri sees these :-) now where can i get more money ? aaaaahhh i need a haircut. a guy that i used to hate msg-ed me just now. asking me how life is nowadays. and it's a bit weird that he's suddenly being nice to me since i am known to be his biggest enemy. i almost laugh at what he says, something like he misses me and stuffs. i feel like spatting 'fuck off dickhead' to his face. but i decided to just play along and see where this will lead. i have school tomorrow and what do you know, i have civic on mondays and i'll be going home a bit too late - 1.40. and i fucking hate it. i'm hungry and currently waiting for arif to give me a treat. and oh, spain will be facing italy tonight and my brother said that there's a chance for italy to win. let's just hope that he's wrong.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hello , i'm mika

so i tell him everything that's on my mind and i'm glad that he took it very well - i suppose so. currently waiting for awaina to come on over but then it's raining heavily so there's no way that she'll walk at this condition. my brother wanted to get his hair cut today and i wanted to come along but i didn't even have a penny in my purse. my alternative is to ask for some money from pa, but i've just remembered that he's at bandung. i miss him already ;( awateef didn't come to school today and it makes me ponder for a while. to think that it's weird because she's always there, sitting behind me. speaking of which, here's a picture i've taken last year. me and awateef's hand. i wonder if she remembers that we took this picture ? natt called just now and tell me that she's single again. it took her just 5 minutes to explain when, why and how. as far as i know, natt is really really in love with her ex. but why the heck does she sounds so happy ?


skipped school again today, recently i feel lazier of going to that living hell. i'm not in the mood to look at that science practical teacher, she's getting on my nerves. slept until 10 o'clock in the morning was a complete heaven on weekdays. spend the whole night to think of what i've become. yes, i've changed. maybe into something that i like - or the other way around. i keep trying to think ; 'Am i happy now?' i doubt that, hands down. a friend once told me that if there's someone who said that they're madly in love with you, he'll do anything for you. i then fall into a deep thought and agreed. i'm tired of listening to my brother's crappy playlist (that is full of those sick love songs). but he won't let me turn it off. i'm suddenly craving to to a playlist that involves head-banging or i'm-emo-and-i-don't-give-a-damn songs. i can't stop thinking of me and him. i know that he loves me so everything will be alright.

but something is still not right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

totally random

i am officially offended. after hearing his sarcastic words, i held myself from punching his face after hearing his sarcastic words. i grit my teeth tightly and look at his silly face. i acted as if i agree all those things that he declared. fuck him. i finally bought those gladiator sandals at pavillion's topshop for rm56 only. it's made from pvc and myra called them the jelly glads. haha the queen in my house invested in a new hobby; to collect as many branded handbags as she could. papa decided to get those Vertu phone after waiting for 2 years. and those phone costs rm22,000. and the king is happy to show off his new handphone. i then noticed something, I AM BROKE, for the 100th time this year. i do know when i decided to confront the queen of raising my allowance, she'll always said the same thing, 'well your dad does gives you money when you want to go out right?' and when i replied 'it's not enough la ma.' the same thing always comes out of her mouth , 'then it's your problem, not mine' haha yeah that's her. so then i decided to sell some t-shirts that i never ever wear at all (maybe once or twice). i will sell it in a valuable price. probably the most expensive will be at rm30 ? the exam result makes me feel down. i believe i can do better and it teaches me a lesson, even if you cheat in exam, you won't pass in flying colors.

Monday, May 26, 2008


hang out with fareq and saf just now . the word of the day : 'gila indie !' haha fareq says that for more then 10 time i guess . well who would have thought that the goodie-goodie saf turns into some indie freak ? mind you , i have nothing against indie .

but to me it's weird seeing a guy wearing colored skinny jeans . and it's quite a shame reading a column about the band 'hujan' . they are having some attitudes and that is quite shameful . and oh , we did something terrible today .

we found a small lizard and they decided to catch it . we put it inside a box with a hole . saf took out some firecrackers and fill the box with it . so yeah , the box exploded right in front of my eyes . gahh haha at least it's better than exploding a frog at raya when we're 10 years old .

fareq , saf and shad had some cruelty running in their blood . haha i miss you guys already , come stop by at my house anytime :D

i'll be leaving for bandung tomorrow . Alhamdulillah , i'm in serious need of a holiday . and some shopping spree . haha i'll be looking for stuffs like these :

so i'll be back from bandung this sunday , until then , i won't reply any messages including adri's . haha :D

i need more money ,
have a nice day .


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