Friday, April 24, 2009

Is that your girl ? She's been waiting on the edge

Balmain, FALL 2009 RTW

And yet, another splendid job by Decarnin. Short dresses smothered with Swarovski crystals and the cult peaked-shoulder Balmain jacket is manifested as a leather jacket as well as tuxedo jackets. The looks is paired with a deep-cuffed seude boot with a stack of silver buckles.

Am planning an attempt to steal his leather skirt (!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breaking my back just to know your name

I scored two bags and I manage to walk in my 4/5 inch ankle boots for 4 hours straight. A new record for me haha I bumped into many friends, such as DE, AS, SZ, RF and PX. As soon as I saw AS and SZ, I went straght to my pretending mode. Only god knows how much we hate each other back then. I also bought myself some rings to welcome April. Happy April, people ! :D


Welcome to my collection, babies.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom


I can't stop laughing (!)

Soon your love will turn to hate, Here I am

March accessory buys :

Going to Sunway this afternoon, going to get some more rings (!)

Nevermind me nevermind me, God I feel so small

Behold (!) Er not juling enough haha

I am back (!) I have learnt something these past few days : you should just lay low and everything will come you way, naturally. There is a new student in my class, AZ. I refer to him 'the guy from VI' He's being nice to me and the others so far. We'll see his true colors soon. He lives in 'laman seri' and yes, another rich-ass (another one is AIF) He invites us to hang at his house and play some game of pool. So I'd most probably crash his house after going to Sunway this afternoon.

I do notice that I hurt myself easily nowadays. My toes are still swollen, there's an ulcer on my tongue, my finger bleeds yesterday and this sore throat is killing me (!) Maybe because I'm laughing way too much ? Naaah. Note to self : Get a grip, will you ?! Stop getting hurt, it's bugging me.

My brother called me last Wednesday, asking 'since when is your name Tasha ?' I don't even knowwhat he's talking about and he explained everything. A girl stole pictures from like everyone and put it on her Myspace. Pretending as if it was her picture. When people comment her, saying that she is a fake, she'd browse other people's picture and use it as hers. Lady Luck is currently not by my side so that poser actually took my picture and claim that it's hers.

Some commented her, saying that she's a complete faker. And some even said that they know me and they have seen my Myspace profile before. She replied on her own comment, saying that her name is Mika Tasha. Then after a few comments, she said her name is Tasha Mika. What the heck ? She changed her picture and now she's using some girl's picture. Urgh she needs to get a life.

Homegirls #1

Homegirls #2


Homeboys #3

Babygurlz & Babyboyz <33

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm waiting for my moment to come

100th post !

So hi, It's been ages since I have updated. I am busy, busy, busy. Forgive me. There's no internet connection at home, so I decided to drop by at the cyber cafe to update. SH & FS was kind enough to tag me along. So thanks guys. School is okay. I do notice that the teachers don't give us much homeworks nowadays. Praise the lord (!) I'll update more on Friday or Saturday.

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