Sunday, March 30, 2008


mama bought a fuchsia dress for me, i LOVE it because it's flowy and it's the dress that i've been looking for. gahaha i love my mom :D i scored two nail polish at elianto for 10 ringgit. it's cheap and i can save some money to buy that belt at topshop. i'm thinking of selling some of my clothes. because i don't wear most of it. baik jual, dapat duit, SHOPPING SAKAAAAAN ! haha wth. i'm in love with cory kennedy's dressup. but it's a bit junkie - sloppy.

gahh i love her style :D

Saturday, March 29, 2008


went to ac just now with deedee, el, faris, wawa and iley. spanky said that he's also going to be there with his friends. and guess what ? caped lied to me, he said that he's at his college so he couldn't come. but then there he was, grinning widely in front of me. he said that he wanted to surprise me. what lan ?! haha i had so much fun there, pulling spanky's hair and talking with caped. the gorgeous fida is also hanging out with us. deedee keep telling me how nice fida is. i'm glad that i bring deedee along.

deedee, on the way to ac

spanky, si gemuk tak guna. haha (:

then we went to play foosball. i ask caped to teach me how to play it and let me tell you, he's really really patient. i was like so fucking slow ! he even let me win. haha i love you lah bestf ! you tgk je lah nnti, i lagi hebat main dari you. we left around 4. we're planning to just sleep in the car so el drives us around and i remember seeing deedee sleeping soundlessly. then at 5, el stopped at bj. me, deedee and faris were fast asleep. i wake up around 6.45.

so we went back to shah alam, send faris to his house firstly. because he don't feel so good after drinking. then el bring us to this one place, we can see almost every part of section 7.

after we eat for breakfast, el send deedee then me. as soon as i reach my room, i couldn't help but miss the softness of my mattresses. haha i'll miss hanging out with you guys (:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

another piece of crap

my sister ran off with the laptop again. so i'm using my brother's laptop without him knowing. haha he's sleeping on the couch, so i wouldn't waste my chance. i'm too lazy to go upstairs to take the streamyx. then i remembered that papa bought a maxis broadband the other day but i can't remember where i put it. so i went looking for it around the house. i spend about 30 minutes and it hits me, 'gahhh taking the streamyx seems better than looking for that stupid broadband'. so yada yada i went to my room.

and there it was, the broadband sitting proudly next to the streamyx. i almost lose my senses then. haha okay is it me, or this broadband is a sloooow. damn. i miss that time where i'm helding a bbq party. we (me, dee, nik, iley, wawa, awateef, awaina, nabila, dina and azira) had so much fun. we posed in front of the camera vainly and eat so much that the next morning, i feel like exploding. haha i think that i want to held another bbq party. heck it was fun ! :D

so yeahh i won't be updating this blog for about 5 days. because my brother's about to leave for his university. and of course he'll take this laptop with him. and btw, i'm going to USJ4's interARTact IU day. the ticket's 15ringgit. a lot of great bands are going to perform. it's on 27th april 2008. i'm not sure what day that is. before logging off, Victoria Secret's came up with their fabulous maxi dress that makes me drool :

signed, sincerely me (:


caped, si pendengar dan pematah semangat yg terbaik. haha (:

one of my best friend is going to study at nilai, futhering his studies lah. damn i will miss all those late night calls and him listening to what i'm babbling about. i still remember that one night. i was crying and wanted to talk to someone. so i called him. we talk and talk until i'm laughing so loud that my mom could hear me. haha :D i'll miss you lah caped oiiiiii ! okay let's move on.

i went to sunway today and bought a legging, a beanie cap and a sweater with a cheetah print (in black and grey). and i did a manicure so heyyy look at my shiny nails ;p my parent are going to bandung again next week. so i'll be free for about 4 days. i'm not going to speedzone today because mama keeps saying that i went out too much nowadays. i was like 'whaaaaaat? i spend most of my time at home laaaaaaa !'

mama mama, you rule my world -_-

Friday, March 21, 2008

yada yada

i was browsing through this laptop and i found a folder that contains all those old pictures. including a picture of me, without a fringe and looking ever so dorky. haha and these two picture caught my eyes.

taken on 3/11/2005, raya's morning.

kak shanee with abg iqmal. they're trying to pose like those poster movies. as far as i remember, we have to take a lot of picture of this because they were laughing like mad. hahaha i love you guyss :D

kak shanee with my 2nd sister. both trying to give their best pout ever with my grandparents looking at them thinking what in the world happen to their so-called-good-behaving-grandchildren. i think that there is a picture where my grandfather try to imitate them. i wonder where i put those picture ?

these pictures is taken this year,

me, nasha, aisyah and diyana. we took this in front of my house. this is the last time that we hang out with nasha because she's currently studying in technic malacca. but she took my top and pants with her too ! but heck, we miss her a lot even tho' she's very very good in pretending and she talks waaaaay too much -_-

me and awateef. we put on layers of my necklaces and a cap. you see, we're trying to imitate those hoppers and we did take lots of picture. but this one is my favourite. gahaha i love you gay partnerrrrrr ! :D

and i'm dying for :

these dresses from forever 21 makes me go 'ugu gaga' :0 note to self, SAVE MORE MONEY ! stop spending money buying all those piece of craps -.-


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