Sunday, September 21, 2008

Manchester United !

Okay for the first time in my life, I am supporting Red Devils in their match with The Blues at Stamford Bridge. Why you might ask ? If Chelsea wins, their point will be the same as Liverpool ! Haha and the jersey that I wear actually belongs to my big brother. I am still a fan of Liverpool ;-)

Fletcher almost made the first goal, but he missed it. Urgh, so close ! I think that The Red Devils took quite a while to attack. Rooney also missed a goal. My brother is frustrated that Ferguson did not let Ronaldo plays. At minute 18.00, Park scores ! Making The Red Devils ahead. And my eyes are locked at Hargreaves' hair. Orgasmic ! Haha

Van Der Sar is substituted, Tomasz Kuszczak is in. And Ferdinand was pissed off at Van Der Sar because he still wants to play even though he's in pain. Haha and my big brother explained that usually, the goalkeeper gets angry at the defender but now it's the way around !

Minute 37.24. still no sight of Ronaldo and the score is still the same. Kuszczak saves a goal from The Blues. Half time, with an extra 3 minutes. At minute 54.27 Ronaldo finally joins in to play. To be honest, I secretly likes his buff body. It makes me drool (!) Okay enough enough. After the first half, The Red Devils finally shows a great effort to attack The Blues' defense.

Fletcher gets a free kick but is saved. And Ronaldo started his acting again when he falls while Lampard tries to steal the ball but no contact was made so Lampard is save, for now. And Ferguson actually looks good in Manchester United's training t-shirt.

At minute 80.00 something, Carlo scores. Making it a tie and it's official that Chelsea's point is the same as Liverpool, come on Manchester United ! Don't let them score anymore ! Extra time and now I'm wishing that Chelsea wouldn't have a chance to score a goal.

The game ended with a tie, an injured Deco didn't have a chance to play and a frustrated Ferdinand at the end. I think that Manchester United's performance at Premier League is quite bad. They lose a game to Liverpool and end up with a lot of tie while playing with the other clubs. I actually thought that Manchester United could win this game but too bad. At least they didn't lose.

I think it's because Ronaldo came out late and Kuszczak should improve his skills more. Despite all that, Ferguson looks extremely cute today ! Haha what a sight.

Don't forget to watch Liverpool's match with Crewe Alexandra, Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 20:00 pm. Go Liverpool ! :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gather around, people.

Me and my friends went to 'berbuka' at Mcd9 together and it's the highlight of the week. We had so much fun together but too bad Awaina and Wawa couldn't join us. So, pictures !

Us, I'm at the back ! :-)

Anis and Arep

Banyaknya you makan, Iley !

Actually we BOTH eat a lot ! Haha

Didi, Awateef, Iley, Diyana

Makan je -.-'

M'mm Awateef's not feeling it, Diyana !


Their I/C picture. Hahahaha !

Drink, you dumbass !

Konon nak shopping ;-)

Haha Boxers, anyone ?

Big Boxers

I'm On Top Of The Beauty Pyramid

Macam Monyet lah you haha

Wohoo High High !

The After-Party ;-)

Good times !

Have a nice day,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Go on,

Treat me like crap, you thought I would care ?

Have a nice day,

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