Saturday, May 30, 2009

If he don't love me by now, he ain't gonna love me.

Today's outfit. Cropped my face out because I look so fucking high. I thank myself for wearing this jacket because it's a bit chilly in Sunway today. Scored a yellow vintage flowery top. Wanted to stop by at Charles & Keith, but I didn't notice that I spends a long long looong time inside Forever 21.

Bump into many familiar faces. Like MARB, IK and JN. Went to see DE working at Forever 21 as well. We talk for a while, have a hug or two then I decided to leave the store before I wanted to spend more money.

Then I headed to Steven's in Damansara for dinner. Yes, I am so 'effin full.

Show some love for the ring (!)

Friday, May 29, 2009

I suppose this is the prize of falling in love,

"Gerrard : 2009 Footballer of the Year"

Gerrard is awarded with the most wanted title by every players. Despite the fact that he is injured for quite a while in the second season, he still manage to shine after getting back on the field. While Anelka beats Ronado for the Golden Boots award. Serves you, Ronaldo. Hah !

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,

WOHOOO THE MONEY'S IN (!) Going shopping this evening, wanted to buy a pair of shoes from Charles & Keith.


Oh not to forget, send the king and the queen to KLIA this morning, they're off to Makkah doing their umrah. I'm free this whole 2 weeks :-)

You Should Tip Me,

And oh, not to forget. I'm thinking of joining Fantasy Football next season. Hmm wondering if it's a good idea ?

p/s : Fernando Torres, please don't get injured so fucking easily next time, it annoys me how I waited to see you play but then there's something wrong with your hamstring right before the match. (Please refer to my previous post, Liverpool against Newcastle) Urghh but I still love you HAH !

Just Like a Star,


All hail the tiny Messi (!) No luck there, Ferguson, try to sort things out with your players okay ? Oh wait, I'll take that back. Don't sort things out with the player who blames the tactics that you created. Haha

Errr ain't it heavy ? -.-

I'm sure that all of you know about the whole trasnfering player every post-EPL. At this moment you can see Manchester City trying to buy all the star player. Curse you, for having so much money.

Ronaldo MIGHT be going to Real Madrid, since Perez won't give up on him. While Tevez on the other hand, grows interest in going to Anfield (woohooo !), but no one really knows which team he'll end up in.

Currently praying to god that if he moves to Anfield, Benitez knows how to use Tevez. Let's hope that the whole Keane-moving-back-to-Tottenham incident won't happen again. Amen.

Buying David Villa is also a good idea, Benitez. Please don't spend the team's money on players that we don't even need (!) And I am grateful that he decided to keep Alonso. Thank god.

Friday, May 22, 2009

It takes a while getting use to having nothing,

I went through my 2nd week of mid term exam. Only account, civics and pjk left. Well let's start on Monday's paper, Science. A certain someone wanted to do the questions on paper 2. IT WAS FREAKING HARD I SAY (!) Well on second thought, it's not that hard. Since the weather's hot and I'm sleepy, I couldn't really concentrate on the paper. Next is Sejarah. Paper 1 is just plain boring. While paper 2 gives me crap. Haha then on Thursday, we have add math. I'll just come clean, I feel like banging my head on the table when I look at the questions. Example :

I remember hearing my self said out loud 'What the fuck is this ?' But I manage to solve it in the end hihi I honestly think that I will fail my add math paper. Perdagangan just now is so-so. I spend a few hours writing things that I'm not even sure of in paper 2. And I spend only 10 minutes (or less) to complete the paper 1. Then I have to wait for another 1 hour and 5 minutes to go home.

Never mind all that, for this past weeks, I bought a new ring, a comfy shirt, a maxi dress, a sheer top and a knit jacket.

My rings, all 11 of 'em. Need to get moreeeeeee (!)

I am in a mission to completely forget MA. It's hard but I tell myself that I don't want to get hurt anymore. I am sure that he is not aware of what he did since he treats me just like his other female friends. But I think that's the problem. I don't want to be his friend. I wanted more, I know that he couldn't give me what I wanted so I guess that it would be a good idea to keep away from him. Before I love him so much that I couldn't let him go.

And don't worry about me, I am fine :-) Ah heck who am I kidding, I am so fucking sad. Don't mind me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is there anything left in this world that can satisfy me ?

Mid term exam was okay, 2 more weeks to go until freedom (!) Am addicted to twitter now :-)

No he can't read on my poker face,


Are you freaking kidding me ? You hate me because I said 'bye' to your boyfriend ? I don't even want your boyfriend, for god's sake (!) And you know what, you can tell your boyfriend to keep avoiding me, I don't even want to have any connection with a person who chooses his girlfriend over his friends. And if you're reading this AS, KEEP IGNORING ME, I DON'T FUCKING CARE.

To think of it, you're just a kid, AIA.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm turning the handle, it won't open

We had a fire drill at school this morning to make sure that we know what to do when the school's on fire (oh a dream coming true haha). It was fun because I was laughing a lot with my friends. When the bell rings a bit longer than the usual, we're all supposed to walk quickly to the field. I said to IZ, 'If lepas ni cikgu mintak homework, how about kita ckp buku dh terbakar ?' :-)

When everyone is heading downstairs, I returned to the class to get NK's candy. WA waited for me at the door and she was saying things like 'Cepat you, or we'll get burned !' Haha I quickly grab NK's candy and ran towards the stairs. I held WA's hand and I can't remember which one of us said it : 'I just want to let you know that I love you, let's hold hands di saat2 terakhir bersama' HAHAHA

As we get to the field, I was cursing at how hot it was (!) NKA pretended to cry and she screams 'DH dah terbakar !' even though DH is right there, in front of us. *Laughs. Then the firefighter started a small fire to teach us how to use the fire extinguisher. Nadd & Fatnad suggested for me, NK and NKA to volunteer in trying to put out the fire.

But heck I am shy, so we all agreed to send NKA to the front. She has to use 2 fire extinguisher that one of us said 'NKA tak ada bakat nk jadi bomba' haha but at least she did manage to stop the fire. Mummy's proud of you, NKA :-)

And then it was recess, the weird thing is, the canteen is a bit full than the usual so I have to wait until there's not many people so I can buy some water. I was in a bad mood since it's hot and I am so freaking thirsty.

As soon as I got home, I drink as much water as I can. Then I head to tuition to do some revision of form 4's Science.

p/s : Is it me or AS's been ignoring me ? :/

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A second, a minute, an hour, a day goes by.

Another reason to smile :

mika . says
but wht happen oh you ?
before ni i takut nak tanya
takut you marah i pula

mushott ! says
Haha , you knw tht i love you gemuk , i wont be mad at you .

I love you too lah best friend (!) :-) I am glad that I am surrounded by friends that knows how to make me smile and cheers me up whenever I am sad. Love you guys to death.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shorty rock to the beat for your boy,

Ah I forgot to blog about Liverpool's game against Newcastle United last night. Liverpool won with the score 3-0. Take that, Newcastle (!) But Torres didn't even get the chance to play because he's suffering with his hamstring (again, no surprise there) on the eve of the match.

Benayoun, Kuyt and Lucas scored making Liverpool wins an easy game. It is rather weird that Gerrard didn't score a goal since his last recovery. But let's hope that he'll play one hell of a game next Sunday since they need to crush West Ham if they want to kick Manchester United's arse hard. Torres is also predicted to play on Sunday's game.

So get well soon, b (!) Haha and Alonso is also injured after being tackled by Barton. So two of my sex gods are down :-(

Barton kept saying 'It wasn't a foul' but the referee gives no mercy as Barton is given a red card. Sexy back there, Alonso *drools

An old picture that I found :

Fancy hugging Babel, Lucas ?

Like the spiders in the corner that are never there

I was in a bad mood since this headache is killing me, then I opened my msn. Saw Thariq's picture and I starts to smile again :


I used to be commander in chief,

mika . says:
okay so nvm
how are you weh ?

fikri says:
exam next weeek!

mika . says:
haha same here (:
oh shit i forgot !
exam exam -_____-

fikri says:
bljr jom!

mika . says:

I need to go to school often -___- Skipped school today and met MA around 2. Went to Bukit Jelutong and hang around for a while. Got back home at 7. Drink some water and went online.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

You have to follow through, with every word you say

I wish I'm this calm in real life -

Had my black pepper burger just now. Followed with a Kinder Bueno. Ah, midnight snacks never fail to calm me down after a hectic day. I woke up with my feet hurts like hell. I feel the hamstring tightens when I walk. I can blame all this to the 'sexy legs' workout program which consists of 20-30 first minutes of cardio, 25-30 minutes of leg exercises and 10-15 minutes of abs crunch.

My body hurts like hell after doing all of those exercises, but it's starting to pay off, my abs is quite flat now. So I decided to keep going with this workout program. It's time to tone up (!) But I will still eat my heart out because I just don't do diets.

I have ordered the t-mobile sidekick lx. Currently waiting for it to arrive and I'll use the King's money first. When I have enough money, I'll pay it. Hoping that he's fine with it. Pray with me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

You'll always be my girl, so let them do whatever, say whatever

Happy birthday to AIF ! He's the guy wearing a hat. Tho' I must agree with AFF, you do look like a retard. Haha jk. Well look who's getting older ;-) Thanks for always being there for me okay, bestfriend ? You don't even mind calling me for a few hours just to listen to my problems. You and AFF never fails to make me laugh. I suppose you two are the perfect duo in cheering people up haha love you always, homeboys (!)

So come on, and say so

M : Do you think my legs are ugly ?

S : Yes.

M : Ah shut up, you're just jealous ! Haha

S : *silence

M : Sometimes I wonder how I can cope with you -___-

S : Same here.

I could use somebody, someone like you

I look kinda fat in this picture right ? But I don't give a damn :-)

Forgive me for the absents, I can now only go online on weekends since the streamyx line went berserk. *sigh. To get my mood back on track, I bought myself 3 more rings. Also get that white sleeveless top at Zara to pair with my leggings, cardigans, and wedges.

And DH's sister sells her grey top at the price of rm25, it's a blissful bargain so I quickly grab it before anyone buys it. I get myself 7 tops and 3 rings on April. I need to stop shopping or the King'll stop giving me money. On the bright side, I'll be getting some money at the end of May/June. A whopping 4 diggits money (!)

Planning to buy a few shoes, tops and jeans. Have to save a thousand and 5 hundreds to order a T-mobile Sidekick :-) I'll be ordering either Sidekick LX or just the plain-you-can-create-your-own-shell Sidekick. So no more shopping, it's time to save some money (!)

p/s : There you go Nad, I've updated my blog haha

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