Sunday, June 29, 2008


"boy you amaze me."

i am thrilled after seeing torres scored a goal for spain. thus making spain the winner of euro 2008 and my heart screams in joy. take that, germany! dunkin donut's green tea blended is currently on my mind. i think it's better than starbucks' frappucino green tea plus it's cheaper (-: oh wow july is approaching and i've been thinking of what i have achieved for these few months. what do you know, soon it'll be a new year.

independent soiree will be held at dewan guthrie by 12th july. i'll most probably go there to see my old friends. i used to be a shisha-addict but i stopped because of the side effects. the other day my friend ask me to go shisha with her and i said that i'll just hang around. she tried to convince me to shisha-ing with her and i told her all the bad thing about shisha and she's shocked because she never knew.

i laugh and said 'everyone tau kot?' so like yeah i used to be a rebel but i decided to change lah. a friend told me that it'll hurt seeing your daughter/son turns into someone that you didn't expect. and then i decided to change, into someone who listens to what my parent said. i know that it's for my own good.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

hello hello , goodbye

she's beautiful ain't it? okay let's see, last night i went to acoustic night with none other, mush. well at first i wasn't supposed to go with him but when i saw him after tuition class, i ask him to go with me since i'm afraid of taking the cab alone at night. so he said yeah even tho' he doesn't want to go. since he's wearing his 'jambu' bag and stuffs.

i met dee (my dear twinnie) and a few friends like lola. i leave at about 11.15 with mush, jaza and amirul. went through some road blocks and he send me to sec11's de. i wait for my brother to pick me up and mush still wanted to keep me accompany so we drink our iced milo.

i ordered iced milo with 'milo tabur'. haha mush was like 'apa you minum tu ?' haha acoustic night was fun, i went stargazing with mush and we talk about whatever that's on our mind. sadly i didn't bring my camera but dee did take my picture. ah i miss her already.

just got back from ou to shopping. i bought a necklace, a bag and alas-another gladiator sandals, in red this time. had lunch at carl's junior which costs me rm91.50 for 3 sets of the biggest burger i have ever seen. haha i think i won't be having dinner tonight since i'm sooooo full.

yesterday adri asks for a break-up. he said that he wanted to stop lying to me. i couldn't say anything but the thought of him giving me lies makes me feel angry. and that was yesterday, today i feel numb. righteous.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i am bored and am accompanied by this weird smell of body shop's hair mask. i've just discovered that my brother is actually reading my blog. well it's a good thing that i didn't talk about his flaws here no ? might be going to sunway / ou / midvalley this saturday. with who ? uhh i don't even know. let's hope that i'll bump into some cute guys. ahaha wait until adri sees these :-) now where can i get more money ? aaaaahhh i need a haircut. a guy that i used to hate msg-ed me just now. asking me how life is nowadays. and it's a bit weird that he's suddenly being nice to me since i am known to be his biggest enemy. i almost laugh at what he says, something like he misses me and stuffs. i feel like spatting 'fuck off dickhead' to his face. but i decided to just play along and see where this will lead. i have school tomorrow and what do you know, i have civic on mondays and i'll be going home a bit too late - 1.40. and i fucking hate it. i'm hungry and currently waiting for arif to give me a treat. and oh, spain will be facing italy tonight and my brother said that there's a chance for italy to win. let's just hope that he's wrong.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hello , i'm mika

so i tell him everything that's on my mind and i'm glad that he took it very well - i suppose so. currently waiting for awaina to come on over but then it's raining heavily so there's no way that she'll walk at this condition. my brother wanted to get his hair cut today and i wanted to come along but i didn't even have a penny in my purse. my alternative is to ask for some money from pa, but i've just remembered that he's at bandung. i miss him already ;( awateef didn't come to school today and it makes me ponder for a while. to think that it's weird because she's always there, sitting behind me. speaking of which, here's a picture i've taken last year. me and awateef's hand. i wonder if she remembers that we took this picture ? natt called just now and tell me that she's single again. it took her just 5 minutes to explain when, why and how. as far as i know, natt is really really in love with her ex. but why the heck does she sounds so happy ?


skipped school again today, recently i feel lazier of going to that living hell. i'm not in the mood to look at that science practical teacher, she's getting on my nerves. slept until 10 o'clock in the morning was a complete heaven on weekdays. spend the whole night to think of what i've become. yes, i've changed. maybe into something that i like - or the other way around. i keep trying to think ; 'Am i happy now?' i doubt that, hands down. a friend once told me that if there's someone who said that they're madly in love with you, he'll do anything for you. i then fall into a deep thought and agreed. i'm tired of listening to my brother's crappy playlist (that is full of those sick love songs). but he won't let me turn it off. i'm suddenly craving to to a playlist that involves head-banging or i'm-emo-and-i-don't-give-a-damn songs. i can't stop thinking of me and him. i know that he loves me so everything will be alright.

but something is still not right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

totally random

i am officially offended. after hearing his sarcastic words, i held myself from punching his face after hearing his sarcastic words. i grit my teeth tightly and look at his silly face. i acted as if i agree all those things that he declared. fuck him. i finally bought those gladiator sandals at pavillion's topshop for rm56 only. it's made from pvc and myra called them the jelly glads. haha the queen in my house invested in a new hobby; to collect as many branded handbags as she could. papa decided to get those Vertu phone after waiting for 2 years. and those phone costs rm22,000. and the king is happy to show off his new handphone. i then noticed something, I AM BROKE, for the 100th time this year. i do know when i decided to confront the queen of raising my allowance, she'll always said the same thing, 'well your dad does gives you money when you want to go out right?' and when i replied 'it's not enough la ma.' the same thing always comes out of her mouth , 'then it's your problem, not mine' haha yeah that's her. so then i decided to sell some t-shirts that i never ever wear at all (maybe once or twice). i will sell it in a valuable price. probably the most expensive will be at rm30 ? the exam result makes me feel down. i believe i can do better and it teaches me a lesson, even if you cheat in exam, you won't pass in flying colors.

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