Saturday, October 31, 2009

31st October

30th & 31st October 2009 :

My sister ask him to tag along to our karaoke session. Being the doll he is, he agreed even though he's all worn out. So by the time my sister is singing her heart out, he was trying to not fall asleep.

Then I ask whether he want to go somewhere else since he looks 'uber bored. So he drove around Shah Alam with me babbling around. I took his watch *giggle. And I am so glad that now he looks comfortable around me. He starts to sing in the car (quietly of course, I can barely hear his voice but then I turn my 'super-sensitive-ear' mode on) And he stars making jokes.

I swore at that time I thought hanging out with him was the best birthday present ever (!)

Was supposed to eat some Blueberry Cheese at SR. But something came up so I had to cancel it. He said we'll go eat that cheese cake later :-) Moving on, we (Diyanah, Aidil, Nik & I) planned on going to Kedai Kopi to celebrate my birthday.

As soon as they I arrive, I stepped outside in tears (due to some drama with the family) and they all were shocked. But everything changes when I saw a cake in front of me. Even though it was only a slice of cake, I am touched to know that at least they thought of buying a cake for me.

Nik gave me a rose with a card, Diyanah gave me a mug (which I love because of it's design) and Aidil pays for my meal. Over all, I am superbly happy today, going out with my favorite girls is definitely the highlight of the month :-)

Happy November, People !

p/s : Picture will be posted soon, to tired to even upload them hihi

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